Freitag, 26. März 2010

Phase Two / On Location

Day One

Tight Spot

Getting to our target destination safe and sound (with a little help from numerous Tanqueray Red Snappers along the way), we found ourselves facing the first tight spot of the journey. Our table reservation at Keens Steakhouse was only hours away, and we knew, without the ultimate aperitif, the success of our quest was at stake big time.

Kenta’s Aperitif Spectacle

The more than charming barkeeper at Pegu Club, Kenta, in a motherly way, recognized the panic in our eyes as something serious and never even hesitated for a second before hooking us up with an aperitif tour-de-force that saved the night (try the Manhattan Cocktail with Cynar - or just try the whole menu). If you ever need being adopted, go talk to Kenta.

As we all know, a city (especially one like NYC) is not just ONE city. In actuality, a city contains a multitude of micro-cities, optional cities, possible cities, probable and improbable cities, invisible cities, past cities, never-to-be cities, and so on.
In a place like NYC, this infinite bunch of internal cities behaves like an insane gang of out-of-control Russian dolls, discarding layer after layer, with all of those dashing around simultaneously in a 12-dimensional Escher staircase drawing.
Make a long story short: We needed some kind of control. We either had to tame those dolls or just run with them. After a good dinner and lots of pondering, we came up with a third option: Champagne.

Snow Angels

With almost Ulysses-scale luck on our side, a heavy snowstorm drove us right to the wine bar Jadis (42 Rivington St.), and into the arms of the loveliest lady in all five boroughs, Brooklyn socialite Edit L.D.
Chilled and wet to the bones and almost dehydrated, we were brought back to life with the warmth of our host and the innumerable bottles of bubbles on our table.
When leaving the place invigorated, the world outside had turned into a winter wonderland, a night to die for (thanks, lil’ hun), or at least pull down one’s pants and make snow angels in the street, right there on Rivington.

Day Two

Bootie Soft Shake

Memory fades, images remain. The best place to witness the Bootie Soft Shake (don’t miss it!): Coffee Shop, Union Square.

Day Three (or Two, or Four)

On Day Three (or Two, or Four), having seen pretty much everything, Manhattan started to bore us - just a little. We decided to take it to Queens.

Almost Lost One In Queens

In a rather deserted, industrial setting, we had the pleasure of visiting one of the gems of New York cocktail bars. Not very easy to find, but worth the effort, we made it over to Dutch Kills. Abraham, our man behind the bar and probably the hottest babe across the East River, spoiled us with drinks that melted in our mouths. If it hadn’t been for a certain photograph of a beloved one, somewhere on a bed frame, we might had lost one of us right there.

Being out of town anyway, we continued south to Brooklyn’s Clover Club, chucking back Katie’s deliciously yummy signature drinks. We almost lost two more over there.

Late at night, walking the Bridge with a six-pack is recommended; a visit at Nublu (Avenue C / 4th Street) as well.

Day Four (this is a wild guess)

After a banging night, the best place to damage control the new day is probably Chez Lola on Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn. Their brunch menu is fabulous and the house Bloody Mary got voted best Bloody Mary west of Berlin-Schöneberg. Gulp down a couple of those in a laid back atmosphere, maybe with a garnish of steak & eggs, and you’ll feel fresh as a bagel.

We Come In Peace

The night of approximately Day Four, we were allowed to fix drinks at the delicately stylish bar PDT, located in the East Village. Invited by our host Jim, and helped by John and adorable Anja of PDT, we were able to stir and swizzle up concoctions for our downtown celebrity parade of guests. The welcoming crew at PDT made us feel at home instantly. Whenever there should be a U.F.O landing in the Nevada desert, just send the PDT bunch to greet them. Send Gary, too.

As Dirty As It Gets

Tucked away in a back street on the Lower East Side, Milk & Honey provided the perfect setting for our well deserved Feierabend Getränk (drinks were outstanding!). Make sure, you’ll have the waitress recommend a Dirty Martini. Many songs have been written about stuff like that.

Day Five (must have been)

(No) Panic On The Dance Floor

Born and raised in the streets of Harlem (we didn’t know that before, neither did he), our own man Gonçalo was in charge behind the control panels at Pegu Club, serving the International Who is Who in Advanced Positive Drinking (IWWAPD). Tag-teaming with Del of Pegu Club, whose expertise on the Berlin soccer club Herta BSC was as exquisite as his Champagne Cocktails, the two of them turned the remaining night for everybody involved into an enchanted blur. Imagine riding a Yellow Cab driven by a mad-as-a-hatter Pakistani cabby on Japanese amphetamines, cutting through a psychedelic landscape at hyper-speed, then looking out of both side windows at the same time, and you’ll get the idea. Well, after a few more hazy stops (dance floors were involved), the night and this journey came to an end eventually, and we already started wondering about how to declare a Nebukadnezar-sized hang-over at customs back in Berlin.

Special Thanks to our Guests, Hosts, and temporary Colleagues:

Sam, Katie, Martin, Sandy, Naren, Dale, Audrey, Abraham, David, Paul, Gary, Christina and Greg of Cocktail Kingdom, John, Michael, Karen, Anja, Del, Kenta, Edith, and Jim.


For our loyal and regular reader, finally, the answers to Phase One (pre-existing questions / in order of appearance):

- nada
- no and yes
- see on top
- remains a mystery
- yes and no
- way into the future / massive dehydration
- the latter
- definitely not
- he saved himself
- censored
- kind of
- you bet
- yes, sir
- approximately 3200
- don’t think so
- einiges
- way to risky
- certainly

For all other uncertainties and needs, go to:

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Freitag, 12. März 2010

Mittwoch, 10. März 2010

French Toast Lumberjack

Die Nacht war wieder lang.
Von Bar zu Bar.
Ein Drink jagte den nächsten.

Morgens um halb neun wieder
fast hell wach.
Eine Straße runter.

Wie stellt man es sich vor,
wenn ein ehemaliger Griechischer
Imbiss von Chinesen zum
Frühstückslokal umfunktioniert
wird ?

Diesen Eindruck bekommt man

160 Grand street / Centre street
Omelette & Pancakes

Dies war der Morgen, an dem sich
Goncalo verliebte.
In den French Toast Lumberjack...

Wer es nicht ganz so rustikal mag,
ist in der Vesuvio Bakery gut

160 Prince street

Feiner Espresso, leckere kleine Speisen
und sehr charmanter Service bringen
Euch behutsam in den neuen Tag.

Am Mittag würde ich die Oysterbar in der
Grand Central Station aufsuchen.
Austern satt.
Die Manhattan Clam Chowder wäre allerdings
eine echte Alternative.
Oder beides.

I like Kumamoto und Blue Point.

Ich muß sofort in die Küche....

Dienstag, 9. März 2010


nachdem ich mich von der Reise erholt habe,
erinnere ich mich gerne an die Unmengen
von Fleisch zurück, die in den wunderbaren
Restaurants dieser unfassbaren Stadt
konsumiert wurden.

Wie alle sind uns einig, das wir den
Pastrami-Olymp erklommen haben:

Katz's Delicatessen

Ludlow street/ 205 Houston street
Lower East Side

ohne Zweifel, das hatten wir...

Und dann wäre da noch

Crif Dogs
New York's No 1 Weiner

113 Saint Marks Place.

Mein fast schon verzweifelter Blick
läßt hoffentlich auf den
unverwechselbaren Geschmack
schließen !

Morgen mehr. Hab hunger und muß
sofort essen !

Donnerstag, 4. März 2010

More, Very soon, sir

We're not finnished yet ...

... simply jet-lagging one, maybee two days on ...

Dienstag, 2. März 2010

Cocktail Kingdom


Lieblicher Presslufthammer-Gesang von
Gegenüber läßt den Hangover in einer
ganz neuen Qualität erstrahlen.

Frühling in New York.

Five Brothers vom different mothers.

Es geht wieder los.

Herrn Etzolds Hang zum Entertainment
ist nicht zu übersehen.

Gestern Abend wurde noch eine Zeitsrafe wegen
übertriebener Härte am Glas verhängt,
jetzt erst mal Kaffee,
French Toast Lumberjack.

Später werden wir vermutlich wieder
wie besessen 35 bis 46 Blocks zu Fuß

Ich liebe Bowery.

Montag, 1. März 2010

Fasan for Jim, Gaz went for a Berlioni ...


Größter Hangover aller Zeiten.
Auch am späten Nachmittag keine Besserung.

Chinatown wollte uns nicht.

Drei Jungs sorgen fürs Setup in Jim's Bar.
Ich werde nachkommen.

Gefühlte drei Minuten in der Telefonzelle.

Der Geruch von Frittenfett und Frankfurtern
liegt hinter mir.

Etzold versorgt Bargäste mit Drinks.

Herr Reagan ist bei Eintreffen sehr erfreut, Goncalo hinter
der Bar zu erblicken.

Mostrichs überqueren den Tresen,
Bender Elypst amok,
ich swizzle als gäbe es keinen morgen,
Riebel geht aufs ganze.....


Feierabend-Drinks im Milk and Honey.

Fünfundsiebzig meter ins Bett.

Zwei Sechser-Züge Grolsch.

Bettkarten lösen.


Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors please.

Samstag, 27. Februar 2010

Bowery / Broome

Samstag, 27.02.2010, Bowery.

Die ganze Reise entwickelt sich langsam zu einer Mixtur aus
'The wild bunch', 'Kaputt in Hollywood' und 'Planet der Affen'......

Der Tanqueray fliest in Srömen, Nordamerikanische Austern sind gerne gesehene Gefährten, trockengereiftes Porterhouse wird nicht unter
zwei Pfund bestellt und Pastrami wird mit Katz's Dark Ale nachgespühlt.

Champagne Inferno in der Lower East Side.

Bender entpuppt sich als Shopping-Koryphäe, Papa Gonçalo führt seine Schäääääfchen, Riebel mag Riesling und King Etzold lässt Jerry Seinfeld humorlos erscheinen.

Ich selbst sah heute morgen aus wie Boris Karloff als kleines Mädchen.

Brooklyn wir sind auf dem Weg....

Morgen mehr.

Freitag, 26. Februar 2010

Kenta Pegu

Kenta Goto mastering the Pegu Club.
Paradigma of courteous and reticent sovereignty.

The chance for a Guest Bartending shift at the Pegu Club
is certainly more then an honour. Upcoming Monday.

Uploaded at

Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010